The Adventures of Mrs Mat Leave

Hey guys! I know I am on maternity leave and I should be spending every waking second either feeding or tending to my baby but hear me out: I wanted a break, so I went out with a girlfriend.

Don’t alert the authorities, the truth is I actually just left the children with their father for a few hours and didn’t feel guilty about it. Anyway, I decided to do something different… but still while drinking wine. So me and my friend Jackie went to a watercolour and wine arvo that was hosted by Social Creative Canberra. I kept seeing people living out my fantasies on Instagram (drinking and painting) and I finally committed to a session. It was $60 and while I thought that might include a wine, I was still happy to pay it.

It was a 2-hour session and we were at Amici Bar. For a sunny Sunday afternoon, it’s a very nice place to sit outside, all I’ll say is – why do some dudes have to prove how manly they are with their car exhaust? We are trying to be relaxed artistes; we do not need the Summernats mini display on Northbourne. Anyway, cranky outdoor mum aside, it’s a great option for your next gals or pals day out. And you don’t have to be naturally gifted at the arts, you will be taught how to paint by a lovely, much-cooler-than-you’ll-ever-be, artist who even gives a full printed run down of how to paint. Or you could be like my friend Jackie and just not even follow the template.

By the way if you’re wondering what type of mum I am to go out with, we ordered our wine based on its name “Screaming Betty” (Betty is my daughter’s name for anyone playing at home).

How do you like my finished product?

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